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Everything we said about the D40X remains true for the D60; great output that's easy to achieve even for a total novice, thanks to an excellent exposure and metering system; fast, responsive operation; excellent ergonomics and an easy to master feature set that is just sophisticated enough to allow users to explore the more advanced aspects of photographic technique without being so over complex they can't be bothered.

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It's easy for a camera reviewer with access to the latest, greatest high end gear to get snobbish about entry level cameras, but we all found the D60 to be a camera that's incredibly easy to like and one that's surprisingly enjoyable to use.

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Inevitably it's not all great news; as someone who always shoots RAW JPEG I found Nikon's decision to retain the crippled 'Basic JPEG only' option when shooting in this mode frustrating (the Basic JPEGs are way too compressed for serious use).

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High ISO performance isn't quite up to Canon's standards, and the lack of 'mid range' features (most crucially exposure bracketing and a vertical grip option) may not be of importance to the target market, but seem designed purely to push more serious users up the Nikon range to the ageing D80.

Nikon d60 manual white balance:

Rating: 94 / 100

Overall: 93 Rates