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We carry Replacement Universal Circuit Boards for Nutone CV-850 in both 120v and 240v options. If it is the motors, would you suggest purchasing a new unit (which one) or replacing the motors. Also my reset button (model #MB1) is broken, could that be the problem?

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Please note that modifications to the can (such as drilling an additional hole) may be required for proper mounting. Thanks, Richard, Chestertown I have a 10 year old Nu Tone CV-350. Jim in Las Vegas, Nv How do you know the reset is broken? Nutone CV556 Do you have replacement filters for the Nutone CV556? Worst case, how hard is it to change out the whole unit for a Silent Master? UTUnfortunately, we do not carry replacement filters for the Nutone CV556.

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After running for 15 - 20 minutes, the power strip breaker into which it is plugged trips off. Could it be the power strip is not of the correct size? Oakton Virginia The breaker(s) on a power strip are not as robust as your typical house breaker and will fail over time. If it is sticking out over an inch and will not go back in then it is broken. Would I be able to keep the existing plumbing/hoses and just replace the main central unit? As we do not have detailed information regarding this particular unit.

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Your best bet is either to 1) replace your power strip with a 20 amp strip or 2) connect your central vacuum system directly to a house outlet on a dedicated 20amp breaker. Plus, if it was broken then the vacuum would not operate at all, there would be no electricity flowing. The issue, then, is your relay which is probably on a circuit board. You may replace your system with our Silent Master system.

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