D78 traction motor manual

D78 Traction Motor

Bear in mind, there were cast and fabricated frames, and an older style frame which I re discussion of, something along the lines of wide and narrow window frames, but I cannot re which is the newer style at this point.

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This had something to do with the end bells and bearing supports I believe. That may require a check of EMD manuals to see if you have the correct parts.

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It explains why every one has a different answer to the Q.so does it wont hurt if you have a bad 78 frame and use the arm in a 77 b frame...rht???? When you say a D78 frame and a D77B frame, I am going to assume (I know, never assume ) you are referring to the coiled frame, and not just the frame the fields are placed in.

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but they are pretty much all the same ..made differntly rht. kaje Again, this is based on what I re from work, and I have been out of the field for several years now, so take it for what it is worth.

D78 traction motor manual:

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