Nikon coolpix battery charger manual

MH-63 Battery Charger from Nikon -

Remove the battery when it is fully charged, then unplug the charger unit from the wall.

Nikon MH-53 Battery Charger Charges EN-EL1 Battery for Coolpix.

The charge lamp is a small LED on the front of the charger unit that will indicate the charger's status.

MH-65 <em>Battery</em> <em>Charger</em> from <em>Nikon</em>

User’s Manual -

The charge lamp will glow steadily while the charger unit is plugged in but no battery is in the charger.

MH-65 Battery Charger from Nikon

The charge lamp will blink while the charger unit is charging.

Nikon coolpix battery charger manual:

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