Procedures for correct and safe manual handling

IS Equipment Manual Handling and Storage policy and procedures.

His injuries prevent Darren from participating in any heavy physical labour.

Manual Handling Guidance Note - University of Bristol

This means that he will have to find a new job – one that does not require much physical work. "I had to pull out of the local footy club," Darren says sadly.

<strong>Manual</strong> <strong>Handling</strong> Building <strong>Safe</strong> Work Method Statement

Hazardous manual tasks -

"The doctor says that I've got to avoid strenuous sports and exercise, or the injuries will worsen." Unfortunately, Darren's story is a common one.

Manual Handling Guidelines for the Workplace

Manual handling injuries can include: New South Wales, for example, spends around $100 million a year on compensation for injuries suffered from manual handling.

Procedures for correct and safe manual handling:

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