1992 ford ranger 5 speed manual transmission

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I had the car brought to a mechanic and was told that the clutch, slave cylinder, and fly wheel needed to be replaced because a pump had failed and allowed fluid to penetrate all three. I never in my life had to replace a clutch with only 48000 miles. Manual transmission is extremely difficult to shift into first gear when stopped at a red light.

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If the vehicle is in motion, or slightly moving, it works fine. Vehicle is drifting both forward and backward when put into gear, and when vehicle is turned off.

<b>Ford</b> <b>Ranger</b> Clutch Problems Explained - Phoenix Friction

Ford Ranger Clutch Problems Explained - Phoenix Friction

Also, braking system fails to engage under wet conditions, resulting in extended stopping distance.

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Then, brake system would not disengage after start up of vehicle , resulting in a noise that comes from rear end of vehicle.

1992 ford ranger 5 speed manual transmission:

Rating: 93 / 100

Overall: 98 Rates