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The keyboard itself is understandably very small -- fitting into a 108 by 58 by 23.7 millimetre frame doesn't afford you a lot of key space to begin with -- but reasonably responsive, and certainly good enough for typing out quick messages, responding to emails or simple document editing.

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The rear of the K-JAM houses a 1.3-megapixel digital camera, the battery casing, which is locked into position, and the stylus which sits at the base of the K-JAM body, next to the USB port which serves double duty as a data and charging port.

<strong>IMATE</strong> i-mate K-<strong>JAM</strong> GSM/GPRS Pocket PC/Mobile Phone - Amazon UK

IMATE i-mate K-JAM GSM/GPRS Pocket PC/Mobile Phone - Amazon UK

Like the JASJAR, the visual design of the K-JAM is on the plain side, which is presumably meant to entice IT departments into buying shedloads of the things.

I-mate K-JAM – RF Radio Frequency Safe

With its bulky shape and fairly hefty carrying weight of 160 grams, this isn't a phone to bring out to impress your pub mates, although it's conceivable you might get the odd envious glance from within the corporate boardroom while weilding one.

Imate k jam user manual:

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