Dynalock 7200 owner's manual

Service manual for zenith pvy5265rk

To make the pad last longer do not put to much pressure on the sander when using it,the pressure will create heat and ruin the small hooks on the pad.

Installation Instructions -

To replace the pad simply remove the four screws attaching it to the sander and replace it with a new pad.

Model 3000 single/outswing electromagnetic lock. -

Toshiba Canada

If you would like to use a 5 inch 8 hole PSA (Pressure Sensitive Adhesive) pad, the part number is 300527003.

Model 3000 single/outswing electromagnetic lock. -

The 151281-08 Pad is used to hold 5 inch Hook and Loop sandpaper with 8 vacuum holes.

Dynalock 7200 owner's manual:

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